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Мониторинг конструкций
Structural Health Monitoring 2010
Structural Health Monitoring 2010 [1119]
Автор(ы): Fabio Casciati, Michele Giordano
Издательство: DEStech Publication, Inc, 439 North Duke Street, 17602, Lancaster Pensylvania, U.S.A.
Количество страниц: 1399
Год: 2010
Аннотация[384 КБ] 
Код: 10121
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a modern branch of Structural Engineering covering applications in military, transportation, construction, energy and industrial processes fields. This book contains five keynote lectures, 44 papers organized in special sessions and a total of 155 papers for regular sessions, which were tailored consistently with those planned at the IWSHM held in Stanford one year ago. This is an attempt to drive the attendance toward general areas, rather than to offer it specialty themes. Also the experience of the special session was already experimented successfully last year at IWSHM.