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Обследование конструкций
Forensic engineering From failure to understanding
Forensic engineering From failure to understanding [872]
Автор(ы): Brian S. Neale
Издательство: Thomas Telford Publishing, Thomas Telford Ltd, 1 Heron Quay, London E14 4JD. www.thomastelford.com
Количество страниц: 670
Год: 2009
Аннотация[239 КБ] 
Код: 10133
Forensic engineering: From failure to understanding contains the papers prepared for the Institution of Civil Engineers' Fourth International Conference on Forensic Engineering, held in London on 2-4 December 2008. Forensic engineering requires the most rigorous investigation of the range of technical and organizational factors that contribute to failures, usually where they may lead to legal activity or from the basis of an agreed settlement between the parties. The papers in this book recognize and discuss the fact that whilst, for instance, collapses are the most spectacular type of failure covered in the field of forensic engineering, the discipline also includes issues such as the investigation of failures in serviceability and performance during construction and over the lifespan of structures. The papers examine forensic investigation and look at improved design and contract activities, considering how these can benefit communities by reducing property damage, serious injury and loss of life. Potential for increasing the sustainability of infrastructure is also examined in terms of extending the life spans of structures by renewed use through refurbishment and strengthening projects.