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Structural Engineering Failures: lessons for design
Structural Engineering Failures: lessons for design [1196]
Автор(ы): Niall F. MacAlevey
Количество страниц: 286
Год: 2012
Аннотация[178 КБ] 
Код: 10473
Collapse is every structural engineer's biggest fear. Fortunately not every engineer must go though the experience of a collapse first-hand: we can all learn from the mistakes of others. In fact, it has been said that the only way in which we can prevent structural engineering failures is by more education. This is the purpose of this book. We can learn least from structural engineering successes, as these structures are not tested. Structural failures, on the other hand, are full-scale tests. If something goes wrong it is essential that the failures are studied so that the true circumstances of the failure (and thus the nature of the test) established so that we can learn what not to do next time. Fifty case studies of the failure of Civil Engineering Structures throughout the world are presented. These case studies are grouped into several chapters each containing case studies on a particular topic. The divisions are arbitrary and purely for organizational reasons. Lessons are drawn from each case study. By preparing this book I hope encourage engineers to do the following: Design structures that are more resistant to collapse. Avoid making the same mistakes other engineers made in the past. See the importance and limitations of checking and of codes of practice. Be aware of danger signals. See how preventable failures are. Learn more about engineering judgement. Encourage a more reflective approach among designers so they don't just apply the code blindly. See the relationship between analysis and design.